Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End of My Last Summer Holiday

It is now the morning of my very last day of my very last official summer holiday, signifying the end of school life and the beginning of being a member of the society's work force and a tax payer. I wonder how I want this day to be and how I am feeling towards this particular moment.

This summer holiday has been an ideal one, one that can actually be regarded as a holiday. I used to cram all sorts of activities in my summers, such as exchange tours, internships, part-time jobs and competitions. I have never had a summer that is so care-free and so full of romance. Spending my whole summer living with my boyfriend (BF) leads me to figure out what a relationship actually means and how moving in and spending our lives together can possibly be like. I know there is not much chance I can have such a test run ever agan if I didn't do it nd that makes me glad. It is through this summer that I know I love BF more than I thought and I would love to gradually try and merge our lives together. This is a summer about love and the emotional needs in me. It is one that made me understand myself more and know that I can never ignore my need to love and be loved.

Today, I am going to start off my day by having a nice Skype date with BF. We will be planning the next two trips for seeing each other and it would give me something to look forward to when I have to be under the pressure from work in the near future. It will not be easy to balance different kinds of costs such as holidays comsumed, air fare and the time we can spend together, but I know as long as we can meet again, I am willing to do a lot more than this. In the afternoon, I will spend my day with friends, hanging around shopping and chatting. I will be hunting for a nice bag for work and a schedule book that starts in September. I want a brand new start for everything after tomorrow, forget about the past and just focus on the possibilities in the future. The day will end by a Korean BBA all-you-can-eat dinner, then come home in the evening, pick my outfit, get documents ready and go to bed early. I guess as a city girl, this would get me to the appropriate fast pace and active mode before I start work.

I am ready to have a lot of fun today and start a new chapter of life tomorrow! Wish me good luck!

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