Monday, August 16, 2010

Dear My Love ...

In the old days, there were no iPhones, laptops or cell phones. When people fall in love, they send each other letters to express their admiration and love; it is a big part of courtship. When lovers are separated, they rely on letters to hear from their lover and that's the only way.

After watching "Dear John" this morning, I started to think that if John and Savannah didn't exchange letters intensively at the beginning of their separation, not only that they wouldn't feel the existence of each other, they wouldn't have even made it the first first year or so. It is due to the constrain of means of communication that they wrote letters to each other, but I wonder how many people would actually write letters for the reason of enjoying how much emotion can be put on a piece of paper.

I love writing on paper; I write letters, cards, postcards and diary. I even enjoy arranging my days using a schedule book instead of any computerized schedule. I think drops of life can be shown in handwriting but not typing. It is the style of writing, the kind of pens they use and they paper they shoose that represents the writer as a whole. Due to my love towards writing on pieces of paper, I enjoy using a real pen and write to my boyfriend (BF). There are love letters, love notes and love cards. Of course, I still send out emails and presents, but I always make sure that I enclose something handwritten with anything I send. Recently, I wrote a little love note and stuck it in the wallet of BF. It has stayed there for a month already and BF insisted on keeping it though it causes embarrassment at times when other people notice it.

People always want to avoid trouble of using a nice piece of paper to write down their love, and that makes handwritten letters more precious and emotional. It is the effort that makes it more meaningful. How easy it is to type a message like "Dear Love, I am thinking about you right now and I want to let you know about it! Can't wait to see you tonight!" I don't even need a minute to type this. You can even eliminate the thought of sparing time, because when you have a blackberry, you can just send out a love text while you are waiting for your lunch. However, when it comes to letters, it actually requires time to sit down, think about what exactly you want to say, think about the person you have always love and use the right word to tell the person your feelings.

I don't know how much handwriting can actually enhance the quality of a relationship with your lover, but I am sure it carried a bit more love and makes you lover feel more special.

When was the last time you actually picked up a pen and wrote something sweet to your lover?

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