Friday, March 16, 2012

Before The Show Goes On

I wish we can all have a pause in life whenever we want.
Too much in life recently that it feels like I have been in an act which the music has been loud for the past 15 minutes with a war scene on stage, and now all you want to do is to have an intermission, let your mind quiet down before you step into the theatre and be ready to play your part again.
Life is full of decisions to be made and consequences of decisions made. Every time there is an “intermission”, you pause, make your decision and make the coming act another fabulous one. Life stories are interesting, but how do you make sure the act will lead you to the ending you want, while you don’t even know what the others’ parts might possibly be? The well-known approaches are:
(1) Follow your heart
It is easy to talk about following your heart, but how? Most of the times, you don’t even know what your heart is saying to you. I wish Apple can come up with an app which can translate all those “heart language” into something I understand. A lot of the times, my heart also has no comment on things. This usually happens when my heart hasn’t experienced what is being suggested and has no clue what that means. Most of the times, I follow my heart when I have been trying to use logic to convince myself, didn’t get any conclusion and decided to make my decision last minute.
(2) Logical Basis
I tend to use this method quite frequently. However, life is not a simple equation. I would say it is actually a multi-factor model. You always end up knowing that you still have some factors to take into account, but you are already confused with the existing ones. So many times I struggled between what looks good now and what might look good in the future, then I start to think about the probability and the degree of control I have to make sure the enjoyment I might have in the future. After that, I have to consider whether the good things that might happen in the future deserve the toughness I would have to go through now … and it goes on and on.
(3) Let life deicide
This is what we also called “go with the flow”. I won’t call myself a “control freak”, but from the way this post is structured, you probably know how much I feel more comfortable with predictable and orderly things. It requires courage to let go of your control and just see what would happen to you. Sometimes, life won’t put you in any direction either, it just let the opportunity slip away, which leaves you with no choices anymore.
Anyways, I guess the show must go on. Good show, everyone!