Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1.5 Year Anniversary - Thanks for Making Me Feel Special

A couple days ago was the 1.5 year anniversary between me and my boyfriend (BF). I was looking forward to this day, because it means so much to us. I understand that a lot of people thought that it is very silly of us celebrating even half a year, but I guess the reason for that is because we only have very little time together, so we try to give each other surprises and make each other feel special.

That morning was a glorious morning for me. BF and I had a very nice chat about our past and he gave me a BIG SURPRISE! He made a scrap book for our relationship! I did make the guess that he might do that for us, but with his very busy schedule, I abandoned the thought. When I saw that scrap book, I was so touched that it nearly made me cry.

The scrap book is full of our memories and BF's love. One part of it is about how we met. When we first became friends, we got to know each other more and more because BF offered to drive me to the grocery store every week. This provided us with the opportunity to talk and understand each other. So we can actually say that we were bonded by food. BF said that when he starts to know me better and understands my love towards food. He realizes that taking me to grocery shopping is actually one of the best ways to establish our relationship. It is always very touching when he mentions about the love food e have together and that he can no longer imagine having those without me. This makes me feel that our life has started to merge together and will eventually become one.

When my heart was filled with happiness after the cat and I was smiling the whole morning when I was at work, I got another surprise! I BECAME THE GIRL WHO GOT FLOWERS IN THE OFFICE!

While I was working on a project and was being really focused on it, the phone rang and it was from the reception of the company. I answered the phone and the receptionist told me that there is a very beautiful bouquet waiting for me in the reception and I should go over to get it. I couldn't help but hurriedly walk to the reception and saw a bouquet full of lovely roses! I can't describe how happy I was and how special I feel.

The flowers sat on my desk the whole day and it keeps reminding me how much BF loves me and how important I am to him. I would like to tell him how much I care about him the same way, I would like to let him know how many changes he has made to my life by being in love with me and how lucky I feel to be able to have the identity as his girlfriend.

I love BF and I am looking forward to the years ahead that I am going to spend with him!