Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Time, Ladies!

There was once a very interesting conversation between me and a guy on the plane. He kindly advised me repeatedly that I should take good care of myself and be a bit selfish at times, because this is my life that I am living and I would want to fully enjoy it. Recently, I have been trying to explore how true this is and I figure that since life is all about pursuing happiness, it is probably right to do what he said.

There are ladies who have always been Miss Wonderful: they have been busy with something else, but not her very own physical or emotional need. They can be busy with school work to prepare themselves for future, wanting to climb up the career ladder and rule an organization just like her empire, or dedicating herself to people around her.

I always try to remind myself that being in good shape or trying to look good and feel good should always be at the top ten of my to-do list. However, only recently I once again get myself engaged into related activities, such as eating healthily, having facial treatment and thinking about what I have been feeling. I want to encourage everyone to just indulge yourself a bit more, treat your body and mind better, and treasure the youth and energy you have for now, because these are things that require effort to keep, and if you put in enough effot, you are entitled to more of it.

Recently, I seem to have a better understanding of myself and to know more of my emotion needs. My worries have been reminding me of their existence through dreams. There have been so many nights that I dreamt of being chased after, woken up feeling scared and did not want to go back to sleep. Those were vivid dreams that have been telling me of the pressure that I have been trying to escape from. I have been trying to escape from the fact that I am going to be half way across the world from BF again; the fact that I don't know when will be the next time we meet; the fact that the new job I am going to start on has a lot of uncertainties; the fact that there are a lot to handle when I go back to my hometown. I don't know what people usually do to deal with ehese worries. I have tried to be very optimistic and there seems to be reasons that I can be optimistic, but still, I can feel the pressure. My mom told me that successful people are just like diamonds, they are originally carbon which has to undergo a lot of pressure in order to turn into diamond. I wish I can do better and have a bit of luck at the end.

By making my own food these days, I also become a bit more aware of my diet. I started to put on a diet, which is not a diet in the common understanding, but an "eating responsibly diet". Isn't that interesting? The reason for not putting on a normal diet is because I am around 5 foot 6 and having a weight of 105 pounds, so I think what I need is not to get skinner, but to make sure that my blood vessels are not blocked by the cholesterol. I have heard of a lot of people saying that people can look slim but be too fat under the skin, this can possibly be worse than people who are obviously overweight as less attention is put on the health of the body, so I am trying to look a bit further into the nutrition of food too.

Wish you all a great life and treat yourself the way you (and your body) deserve!

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  1. it's so true...sometimes we just forget about ourselves, trying to reach a higher goal!

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :D