Sunday, August 8, 2010

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!

Last night was the third time and the last time for this trip that my boyfriend (BF) and I hosted a dinner party at our place. As usual, we did a lot of cleaning up and errands-running during the day before things are ready. There are housework such as cleaning the floor, doing dishes and having food ready. However, the process is enjoyable and delightful, because it is something that we both put effort in. I know I am going to miss this, especially when BF says he is holding another dinner party on his own. I will never forget the time when we plan different themes for the parties, trying out new dishes and having many kisses amongst all the work.

I always wonder what other couples like doing together; I know theree are couples who like camping, wine tasting, hiking or playing music. BF and I have been trying to find a hobby or something that we can do together during our leisure time; at the end, I guess BF and I are more the cooking together kind of couple. It is amazing how things can work out so well when two people beecome used to working together and having fun. Though I am the house-girlfriend, we always share our burden on making dinner. BF always handles things that have to be put into the oven (yes! I find the heat from an oven threatening) or steak, while I usually handle vegetables, sauce and different kinds of carbohydrates. It is very romantic when the two of us are getting better and better around the kitchen.

People always say that it is important for any couple to find something that they would enjoy doing together. I have to agree completely on that. All the moments BF and I worked together brings me sweet memories and extra confidence that we would be able to work together on future problems. I believe that everyone has their own working style and it is something that can hardly be changed. At thee same time, a long term relationship is exactly like a partnership in business, there are going to be ups and downs, and millions of problems to be solved by them. So I was very glad when I noticed that BF and I seem to solve problems in the same way and we can easily divide work among us that both of us are comfortable with. I will never forget the time when we plan out how we are going to pack for the move, how we pick furnitures, how we paint our bed, how we plan out our dinner parties and how we work in the kitchen. These are all memories of our love; I wish I can put them in the fridge and keep them fresh all the time.

I hope I can be a hostess with BF again soon ....

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