Monday, August 2, 2010

I am Falling ... Catch me!

The phrase "fall in love" has always got my attention as I think it precisely describing how people become attracted to each other and develop a desire to be a part of each other's life. you probably have never heard of people saying they walk into love or talk into love, they fall in love instead. A similar idea is being demonstrated by the phrase "sweep me off my feet", which means that you suddenly find yourself falling in love completely with a person. If you visualize the phrase, you can see a typical football scene, in which a football player is being swept off his feet and fell. Such fall is exactly the same in nature as the kind of fall you face when you fall in love, which includes involuntariness, suddenness and an inability to react.

The special part about "falling in love" is that it is an enjjoyable kind of fall compared to a physical fall or a fall in the value of your property. It is a psychological fall which most people would enjoy the process. A person who is falling in love always think that the person she is falling for would be there to hold her in his arms at the very end of the fall and the whole process is then filled with hope. Sometimes it is the unpredictability of falling that makes it exciting and urges people to do whatever they can to win the heart of the person they fall for.

My boyfriend (BF) and I once explored this question: if you have to get married and you only have two choices, who would you pick? The first choice is a person who loves you deeply and will treat you like the most precious thing in the world; the second choice is a person who sweeps you off your feet but doesn't seem to care about you at all.

BF chose the second and his reason is that this is what love would make you do. My first reaction is that maybe I can stop treating him like he is the most precious thing in my life. My second reaction is asking how people can have the thought of risking the happiness of their life to get what they think they love. I know that when you love a person, you don't want to change him from who he is. Does that mean you will be living the rest of your life loving a person who is totally indifferent about your feelings? Or does that mean people always have the possible false hope that their love would be able to melt the cold heart of their partner? Obviously, my choice would be the first option. I believe that as love is a way of pursuing happiness. By seeing how much my partner has done for me, I would be able to give him all my love naturally and be happy ever after. I bellieve that it is always better to leave the change to yourself than to hope for a change in the unforeseeable future and the unpredictable partner. Does that mean I don't know how to love?

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