Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shhhhhhhhh..... It's a Secret Wedding!

I always want to have two weddings in my life; I don't mean that I want to get a divorce or remarry, instead a secret one and a formal one.

Marriage is a promise for the one you love. People who are actually involved in a marriage should just be the couple. Though some people say that in family-oriented societies, marriage is the union of two families, I still think it is the commitment entered by the couple only. At the end, strictly speaking, it is the couple who are forming a new family unit but not anyone else.

Therefore, I think it is a good idea for a couple to be away from their social circles and enjoy the moment of officially united to his partner. I would love to go on a trip with my fiancee and get maried at somewhere exotic. It can be Greece, with the most romantic sunset in the world; Paris, with the Eiffel Tower; or Japan, with the shade of peach blossoms. The procedure would be simple, no extravegant decoration, just my fiancee, the priest, the witnesses required and I. I will wear a simple white dress, holding the hand of my life-long partner and say "I do!" As it is already a trip, it provides the function as a honeymoon too. No one will know that we are married when we come back, even among the closest friends, it will be a life-long secret between the two of us. It would be romantic and satisfy the want to be a little irresponsible towards people around me. On the other hand, I would be able to adjust to a married life without the opinions or advices from anyone.

Though I have all these romantic ideas in my head, I am still concerned about the validity of the marriage. There is a legitimate doubt as to whether the marriage in that particular foreign country is recognized in my home town. At the end, the purpose of a wedding is not just a celebration for union, but also a social recognition which would bring upon rights and duties. Therefore, after a period of time enjoying a secret marriage, I would officially announce to people around me that my "fiancee" and I are going to get married, and do the whole legal procedure and ceremony as if no marriage is there. The period of time between the secret wedding and the official wedding depends on how much time I want for our marriage to be just my husband and I. I have seen people getting married and how stressful they are. There is the venue of the banquet, dresses, bridal party, bachelorette party, flowers, catering and all the other stuff. I think I would want all these only when I am fully prepared psychologically.

What is the perfect wedding in your mind?

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