Friday, August 13, 2010

The City Girl is Back!!

Have you ever had a time when you want yourself to be back to a life style which you kind of miss? Or that you haven't done something for so long that you can simply spend the whole day doing that? I would say as time goes on and people move on with their lives, we usually just adapt to the lifestyle that reality requires us to be in and the desire of doing something we want would explode suddenly at some point.

Yesterday, I gave myself a holiday as the "house-girlfriend" (HGF) and turned myself back to the City Girl (CG) that I haven't been for some time! It's not because I hate being a "house-girlfriend", I just feel that it has been some time since I last wonder around in a shopping center for the whole day. This is how the day went:

First of all, since my boyfriend (BF) left home, I have done no housework. No doing dishes, no tidying up the apartment, no laundry, nothing! What I did instead, was to get changed into some casual clothes, walked to a drug store nearby and picked up a French Tip pen and some eyelashes after a chat with the saleslady. Then, I went straight back home and engaged myself with these new purchases. It was a lot of fun playing around with these new "toys" and be amazed by how much it can change my appearance. After that, I did some catch up with friends, and had some fun time reading blogs and news online.

When afternoon came, I put on my new top and some simple make up, and headed to the city center to meet up with BF for a lunch date. I had a wonderful time with BF during lunch, it makes me feel like we are seeing each other all the time, as it has only been around 4 hours since he left home. It also makes me feel so loved when BF complimented my look and expressed his delight of seeing me in the middle of the day. It's a romantic start for the afternoon.

After lunch, I walked back to his office with BF and started my shopping journey! It has been sometime since I last walked into every single store in the mall and just try on anything I am interested in! It was so much fun! I actually have difficult in taking off the shoes and gave them back to the saleslady when self-discipline told me to do so. I don't even understand why I love window shopping that much when I know I won't be able to or shouldn't get the merchandise. I guess I enjoy the process of being able to pick something great for myself.

Anyway, I walked for 4 hours, and then met up with BF and headed back home! But then my legs started to sore really badly and all I could do is to lie down. Still, there's a big smile on my face, as I had a really wonderful day!

I guess this is the kind of day everyone needs from time to time. It is fantastic to be able to indulge yourself and use all the free time to do things we like. It doesn't necessarily be shopping; it can be having a spa, reading a book or just anything!

Everyone, enjoy your life!

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