Friday, September 10, 2010

All Things Bright and Beautiful

From String of Precious Jewels,

I'll tell you briefly the fine qualities

Of those on the path of compassion:

Giving, and ethics, patience, and effort,

Concentration, wisdom, compassion and sch.

Giving is giving away what you have,

And ethics is doing good to others.

Patience is giving up feelings of anger,

And effort is joy that increases all good.

Concentration's one-pointed, free of bad thoughts,

And wisdom decides what truth really is.

Compassion's a kind of high intelligence

Mixed deep with a love for all living kind.

Giving brings wealth, a good world comes from ethics;

Patience brings beauty, eminence comes from effort.

Concentration brings peace, and from wisdome comes freedom;

Compassion achieves everything we all wish for.

A person who takes all seven of these

and perfect them together will reach

That place of inconceivable knowledge,

No less than the world's protector.

I always think that I shouldn't quote somebody's work extensively in my own blog, as my blog should purely be my own thoughts and productions. However, when I read this quote from the book The Diamond Cutter, it struck me as something that I should remember my whole life and that I should share with everyone.

This quote reminds me how much is yet to be done by me in order to be someone good. If I am a Catholic, I can imagine myself confessin about my little sins all day long. There were times when I get annoyed and show my dissatisfaction to those who intended to give me good advice. There were times I am jealous though my lover has been showing me how much he loves me and has been loyal. There are times I was being selfish and see my things as more important than others, or simply just rank them accordingly without serious thoughts. There are just countless of these that I am not happy with after the moment of recognition. I know a person can never be perfect, but I still want to be better to people around me because they deserve my love.

I wish by sharing this, it would leave a better imprint in my mind and leads me to be a better person. I would love to build my own perfect world by being one of the sources of goodness.

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