Friday, July 30, 2010

A Kiss Is Still A Kiss ...

Last night, my boyfriend (BF) and I somehow got onto the topic about our first kiss and we exchanged our stories.

For him, it is pretty simple. At first, he could only recall the person, but not the scene. After 5 minutes of pondering, he remembered that he was in a metro station and was kissed by his date of that night. Not a lot of details were provided, but I think the part that he had difficulty in remembering is pretty impressive.

Mine happened when I was 14. I was dating a guy who I met through instant messenger (it was ICQ at that time). We were sitting somewhere in the Performance ARt Academy waiting for my rehearsal. He was sitting on my right hand side, basically just chilling out, while I was drinking water with the bottle in my right hand. Somehow, he grabbed my right hand, removd the bottle from my lips and replaced that with his. It all happened so quickly that I still had water in my mouth!

This incident seems to leave a deep mark in my memory without legitimate reasons. First of all, that kiss was pretty nice, but then it is nothing like the perfect French kiss. Secondly, my relationship with that guy has already ended for a numer of years and it was not a desirable endin, so it is not like an emotional attachment problem. The only reason that I can think of is the fact that it is "the first", but then why "the first" somehow carries an important meaning. Isn't it supposed to be "the best" that is more important? But then if you ask me when was "the best" kiss, I don't have a clue.

Maybe it is because the first kiss symbolizes an important step of being in love and getting closer to a love? BF once raised an interesting question of why people obtain pleasure from kissing. My first thought is the psycholigical theory about human being's desire for food, and kissing at the end is a siilar kind of desire, but then I wonder whether that argument is sound. It is true that the way we judge lips and food has a lot of siilarities, since both requires the satisfaction from the look (which triggers the invention of lip balm and lip gloss), the smell (you definitely won't want a perso wit a stinky breath) and the taste of it (which I would refer to the texture of the lips). However, kissing requires interaction while eating doesnot. The foos is just laid down on the plate waiting to be eaten.

Well... probably I should think no more and just enjoy the kisses or the food!

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