Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Desperate "House-Girlfriend"?

Two and a half weeks of being a "house-girlfriend" (HGF). OR I can say it has been two and a half weeks since my boyfriend (BF) has started his work life and leaving me home alone most of the weekdays. (Thank God for creating weekends!)

I think the fact that I survive the test of being an HGF and didn't turn desperate would actually allow me to add this as a new item on my CV and it would add value to the CV. BF asked me whether the job I would be applying for is the mistress of an executive, this I am not sure, but what I mean is that being a successful HGF should be regarded as an achievement. More importantly, even if there is such a position, I wonder whether my application letter ca be put into the mailbox or whether my email can get through the overloaded email box.

From a full-time student approaching her full-time work life to being an HGF is definitely a challenge. This involves from having a full schedule to having an almost empty schedule or a schedule evolving around BF's; from level 0 in cooking skills to making lunch box frequently and not poisoning BFl from never doing any sort of housework to adding an one-hour apartment tidying time to my daily routine; from trapping insects in a plastic cup to slamming blinds towards a window and murdering a fly, from seeing friends every day tostaying in touch with friends on Facebook only. Life has been changed 180 degrees. However, what hasn't been changed seems to be the unconscious passion towards BF, is that the reason I survive? Oh well... who cares, as long as I am still mentally healthy for now.

A life as an HGF hasn't made me desperate for one second since I started this career. I wonder whether the difference between a professional housewife and an amateur HGF is the reason for such feeling. What is the major difference? One does not have a time limit while the other does. I would confess that there are moments of loneliness as a HGF, which I would want to just take out my cell, pick a friend from the contact, and just sent a text out about another night out. However, I enjoy the time when BF comes home from work and the rest of the evening is always the most romantic evening of the day. What a dilemma! But then life is all about choices. right? Since there is a time limit being an HGF, I guess I am pretty happy to docus on my BF for now.

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  1. omg jasmine i want to be a hgf too. please teach me.i desperately need your help.